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Aam Panna drink
© missiroti.com
India This drink is composed of green mango, black salt of Himalaya, mint leaves, syrup, roasted cumin powder and peppercorns. This variety of very acidulous raw mango isn't used for desserts. This summer d... Read next

Açaí (berry) drink
© lhotellerie-restauration.fr
Colombia energy-drink full of antioxydants. Açaí palm is an amazonian plant cultivated in Brazil. Global demand for the fruit has expanded rapidly in recent years, and açaí is now cultivated for that purpose primarily.
... Read next

Almdudler drink
© austrianfood.net
Austria herbal limonade - Considered as the "National Austrian drink". Almudler original is a sweet fizzy drink aromatized with mountain herbs. Its flavour reminds Ginger Ale or an elderberry beer, with a fruit flavour of grape, apples and herbs.
Aloe juice drink
© 21food.com
South Korea Hydrating and refreshing drink with small pieces of pulp having a sweet lemon flavour. Aloe juice is also drunk in China. Some industrial products may contain GMO. The bitterness is a sign of low quality product. Aloe is known for its hydrating properties and helps to eliminate toxins from the organism.
Amras drink
© cravecookclick.com
India Summer drink with mango, milk, crushed almonds, saffron, and rose water. Delicious !
Badoit drink
© ursofrench.fr
France sparkling water, joy bubbles since 1778...
Beet (juice) drink
© amazonaws.com
Turkey salgam suyu - Spicy juice of an intermediary vegetable between beet and turnip. Salgam is a particular specie of rutabaga looking like a purple carot.
Salgam suyu (salgam juice) contains also c... Read next

Bissap (juice) drink
© alsagarden.com
Burkina Faso Bissap (also called Karkade) is a celebration drink in Africa.
Drunk fresh or warm as a herbal tea, Hibiscus is a plant of the traditional african pharmacopeia. Bissap juice is also drunk in Senegal, ... Read next

Bitter rosso (soda) drink
© arnone.it
Italy Bitter refreshing red soda elaborated from ten aromatic plants. Ingredients : Water, cane sugar, carbonic anhydride, black carot juice, natural flavors, citric acid. Sold by Abbondio, preservative free colorant free classical italian drink from Piemont.
Boricha drink
© sndimg.com
South Korea Japan barley coffeee, called mujicha in Japan - Barley coffee (roasted barley herbal tea) is a drink made with crushed and torrefied barley grains. So it contains no cafeine. Golden liquid with a tas... Read next

Bouye (juice) drink
© afrikathome.com
Senegal pain de singe juice - Much appreciated in Senegal, Bouye juice is prepared with baobab fruit pulp, concentrated milk, vanilla sugar, water of orange blossom and water.
You can add ananas small ... Read next

Boza drink
© mymerhaba.com
Albania Bulgaria Serbia Turkey Creamy turkish drink obtained by delaying cereals in water.
Sold in Bozahane shops or by street salesmen, this drink symbolizes conviviality. It's the beverage of winter familial evenings. Boza is kno... Read next

Brioschi drink
© syracuse.com
Italy Effervescente Brioschi are pellets that allow to restitute a digestive drink with lemon flavour.
Refreshing and thirst-quenching, effervescente Brioschi is born more than a hundred years ago. Its anti... Read next

Bubble tea, Boba tea drink
© whicdn.com
Taiwan Created on 1980 this drink became so popular that it is now almost considered in Taïwan as the national drink ! Bubble tea is a mix of green tea or black tea with fruit tastes. It's often drunk in lar... Read next

Cherbet Mazhar
Cherbet Mazhar drink
© tanargan.com
Algeria Traditional drink of Alger given to the bride during her nuptial hammam ritual. The Mazhar sherbet is composed of water of orange blossom, water, cinnamon and sugar.
Cherbet Miliana drink
© Bakkal.ae
Algeria Traditional drink from Miliana city containing cherry juice, lemon and grape juices, water and sugar. (wikipedia)
Cherbet of Blida
Cherbet of Blida drink
© servimg.com
Algeria also called sherbet of Boufarik (see limonana Israel). This drink is composed of fresh lemon juice and fresh mint.
Chinotto  drink
© nocookie.net
Italy Italian soda having he same color than Coca, but prepared with the citrus zests and essence (chinotto fruit) and herbal extracts. The beverage wears a very refreshing and pleasant mild taste.
Chinotto... Read next

Clamato (juce) drink
© drpeppersnapplegroup.com
Mexico Canada USA Fruits juice containing reconstituted tomato juice, clam stock and spices. Essentially found in Mexico, Canada and in the States. The first product on the market, called Tomatoto, was made with tomato juice, vinegar and anchovy.
Cockta drink
© atlantic.hr
Slovenia Cafeine free soda created on 1953 to replace Coca-Cola in the socialist Republic of Yougoslavia. Cockta is a mixture of eleven plants of which wild rose.
Symbol of the revolution of slovenian consumpt... Read next

Coco verde
Coco  verde drink
© imujer.com
Brazil Refreshing water of the green coconut, cut out with a machete by street salesmen. Also sold in bottles. Just delicious !
Corossol (nectar of)
Corossol (nectar of) drink
© lamaisondesantilles.com
Antilles Naturally rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins, the Corossol plant has many healing properties. Due to its sweet flavour it can be drunk with no sugar added.
Dardoura drink
© smoothie.tn
Tunisia Fresh and nutritive, this is the ideal drink after the fasting at Ramadan.
Dardoura is composed of Bsissa powder mixed with water and sugar. Bsissa is a fragrant flour spicy and caloric, the pe... Read next

Ditakh, ditax (juice)
Ditakh, ditax (juice) drink
© zenaexoticfruits.com
Senegal This green juice is a very popular drink in Senegal, particularly during the ramadan month. Rich in vitamin C, ditax is the african kiwi ! Drink it chilled.
Dough or Doogh drink
© shopify.com
Iran Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Tajikistan Syria Iraq Dawghe in aramean, Tahn in armenian - Dough or doogh is a popular drink made with yogurt, (sometimes sparkling) water, salt, pepper, and seasoned with dried mint. Doogh is the national drink of Iran and Armenia.
... Read next

Frize drink
© cargocollective.com
Portugal Natural mineral (sparkling) water.
The first flavour commercialized was lemon (Frize limão) but there is now many new flavours : strawberry, ananas, mandarin, cola-lemon, fig, etc. This refreshing sp... Read next

Frucade drink
© getraenke-heick.de
Austria Frucade is a sparkling orange drink with a mild taste of exotic fruits, created on 1953 at Rozenheim in Bavaria.
Fruits (juice) drink
© colombiainfinita.com
Colombia Thanks to the overpowering heat, juices are drunk all day long, and also with meals.
Colombians prepare them either with a blender (and the mixture is then passed to the strainer like mango juice), or... Read next

Fruits (juice),Sucos et vitaminas drink
© com.br
Brazil Everywhere in Brazil fresh mixed juices are served. In Amazonia exotic fruits abound : cupuaçu, açaí, bacuri, mangaba... Sometimes fruits are presented as frized pulp cubes mixed with water. If mixed... Read next

Genmaicha drink
© mayaka.com
Japan Brown rice tea, also called "popcorn tea", is a mix of green leaves of Japan tea and roasted rice. It suits salted meals but can also be drunk chilled all day long. Wears a pleasant mild taste.
Ginger (Pellets) drink
© rtcfbf.biz
Burkina Faso When you don't own a frizer, it's possible to preserve drinks for one year by making natural pellets, sort of drink concentrate.
Fresh ginger is peeled, crushed, and delayed in water and then filtered... Read next

Gnamakoudji drink
© pinimg.com
Senegal Ivory-coast Mali ginger juice, spiced water - Drink composed of ginger, ananas, water, sugar, lemon juice and mint leaves. Shake before use. Drink chilled.
Guarana drink
© bestuff.com
Brazil National brazilian soda prepared with the guarana fruit.
Guaraná em pô
Guaraná em pô drink
© com.br
Brazil Traditional drink of the indians. Mix the guarana powder with water to obtain an energetic drink with a caracteristic bitter taste. Nothing to do with the soda.
Herbs (jelly) drink
© misstamkitchenette.com
Vietnam suong sáo (south) or thach den (north) - Vietnamian drink containing herb jelly cut into large cubes with an insipid fresh taste of verdure. You can add basil seeds soaked in water. A thin layer would recover the seeds, giving to it a nice grey-blue color. Kids love that ! You can also prepare it at home with jelly-powder or tinned or buy it ready to use in a can and add soaked basil seeds. Herbs jelly is known to soothe corporal heat.
Inca Kola drink
© wikimedia.org
Peru National peruvian fluo yellow drink with a bubble-gum taste. This incredible soda is a real national symbol (the inca's Coca). Peru is one of the rare countries where Coca-Cola is not leader on the soda market.
Karkade drink
© sndimg.com
Egypt Sudan carcadet or carcade - Celebration drink in Africa.
Bissap (dried Hibiscus flowers) is washed and boiled until coloration of the cooking water, then the cooled solution is filtered. Sugar, nutm... Read next

Kefir drink
© gigaimg.com
Russia Tajikistan Poland Fermented and slightly sparkling drink. There is two sorts of kefir : milky and fruity. Due to the fermentation this drink might be slightly alcoholized (1%).
Milk or fruit kefir is an ancient form o... Read next

Kinnie drink
© maltagc.com
Malta Local drink with quinquina and bitter orange, very popular in Malta. This drink is a mix which ingredients come from the XVIIIth century medicine : aromatic herbs, anise, ginseng and bitter orange of course. (See chinotto Italy).
... Read next

Kokum sherbet drink
© netdna-cdn.com
India Refreshing nice colored drink containig dried kokum peels (Garcinia indica), water, sugar, cumin seeds powder, coriander and black pepper. This beverage is known to improve digestion and refresh the body.
Kombucha,combucha drink
© expansionquebec.com
Russia China Acidulated mongolian drink obtained by a symbiotic yeast and bacteria culture in a sweet medium : tea + white sugar or honey and grape juice. Kombucha or manchurian mushroom is an association of bact... Read next

Kvas drink
© beeradvocate.com
Russia Ukraine Gira - National bread-based drink (wheat, rye, barley) fermented sparkling and fruits (strawberry, apple, lemon, berries) or mint flavoured. Kvass is considered as a non-alcoholic drink in russian and ukrainian standards (2,2% alcohol max).
... Read next

Lattella drink
© wogibtswas.at
Austria Sparkling drink create on 1979 and disponible in several flavours. Latella brand was bought by Danone group on 1997.
Legmi drink
© gastrolabe.com
Algeria Tunisia Syrupy juice extracted from the trunk sap of the Sahara palm tree. This drink is usually sold by street salesmen of the south tunisian markets and in Algeria.
Limonadas drink
© vitamixespana.com
Spain Drinks made with real lemon juice.
Limonade drink
© over-blog.com
Italy Classical limonade of Abbondio, elaborated with five varieties of sicilian lemons. This mildly sweetened limonade is refreshing and thirst-quenching.
Limonana drink
© tastykitchen.com
Israel Lemonade served with mint leaves ('nana') and plundered ice is all the rage at terraces of Tel-Aviv Cafés. (See also Algeria, cherbet of Blida).
Lingondricka drink
© alltommat.se
Sweden Russia Lingonberry drink - Lingonberry juice (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), popular in Sweden and in Russia.
Maksym drink
© triptokyrgyzstan.com
Kirghizistan or maxim - Sparkling drink with fermented cereals (wheat), that the Kirghizs like to drink on summer. Women make it artisanally at home and sell it on the bazars, but you can also find the indu... Read next

Mangajo drink
© picaud.fr
Japan Range of green-tea drinks with only 75 Kcal for 100ml, without artificial flavours, preservative free, sweeteners free and with no sugar added. Healthy and refreshing ! Available flavours : lime, goji... Read next

Matcha tea drink
© matchamountains.com
Japan Foamy bitter drink served for the tea ceremony.
Finely ground green-tea powder is rather expensive and has to be sifted before adding water. In modern drinks (as in USA and Japan) it can be mixed to m... Read next

Maté (Le chá) drink
© saborcanela.com
Argentina It's the infusion of the roasted grass (maté), that gives a dark brown drink. Maté is drunk chilled. This thirst-quenching bitter or sweet beverage is drunk with a fitering straw and a thermos flask.
... Read next

Mugicha drink
© lafujimama.com
Japan barley tea - Very popular in Japan during summer, mujicha is available in the form of large tea-bags to plunge in cold water. In Europe mujicha is called barley coffee and is consumed cold in summer and hot in winter.
Nimbu pani drink
© india.com
India Refreshing drink made with water and lemon juice.
Nimbu pani (from nimbu: lemon and pani: water) is frequently prepared at home with limes freshly pressed, chilled water, sugar, salt, pepper, and othe... Read next

Oksusu cha drink
© mycitycuisine.org
South Korea corn tea - Traditional korean infusion made with roasted corn that may be drunk warm or cold.
As this beverage wears a mild sweet taste, Koreans often associate it to barley tea to rebalance, c... Read next

Orangina drink
© miamz.fr
France French orange-based sparkling drink.
Originally the drink was made with orange and lemon juices and pulps, but there is now a large variety (guarana, blood orange, etc). This drink is famous not only... Read next

Ouazouaza drink
© aps.dz
Algeria Medicinal refreshing drink made with dates and 40 other plants during the Ramadan month. Ingredients comprise camomile, herb-of-grace (common rue), ginger, clove, black pepper, coriander seeds, liquor... Read next

Panela (agua de) drink
© viajala.com
Colombia Highly calorific and surprisingly refreshing drink.
To prepare this drink you just have to dissolve panela sticks in water. The beverage can be made hot with milk, or cold with water, lemon or lime. P... Read next

Pedras drink
© baublesbubblesbags.com
Portugal Naturally sparkling mineral water. Pedras Salga sources are known since Roman period. This brand produces now aromatized waters also.
Perrier drink
© virginradio.fr
France How many cult ads for this sparkling water !? Gainsbourg's ad censored on 1976 with a woman's hand cherishing a Perrier bottle growing more and more and letting escape a huge hose of... Perrier of cou... Read next

Portokalada drink
© koolnews.gr
Greece Orange soda of Greece.
Ramune drink drink
© yum-cha.fr
Japan Choose litchi, melon, banana, champagne, or octopus flavour.
The glass bottle is corked with a glass marble that the user has to push in before drinking, which requires a good training ! Empty bottles... Read next

Sharbat sekanjebin
Sharbat sekanjebin drink
© storyofakitchen.com
Iran syrup made with water, vinegar syrup, mint leaves and grated cucumber. This syrup old of several centuries is accompanied by salad leaves for maximum freshness.
Sikhye drink
© tourod.com
South Korea Traditional sweet rice drink. You can collect with a spoon grains of rice in the bottom of the cup :) Also available in cans. Very refreshing.
Sinh to
Sinh to drink
© douongonline.com
Vietnam Sinh to is a mix of fruits juices with or without milk. A kind of smoothie or vietnamian milk-shake.
Sugar cane (Juice) drink
© com.br
Brazil Caldo de cana - Juice of sugar cane with a pronounced vegetal taste. Sometimes lime is added to decorate. This ultrasweet drink is sold everywhere, in the street, in markets, etc. Garapa... Read next

Sumol drink
© latino-market.fr
Portugal Popular drink with a medicine taste! Flavours proposed are orange, ananas, mango, passion fruit and lemon. Sumol brand sponsorize several sport events, music festivals...
Takerouayet drink
© comprendrechoisir.com
Algeria Spicy fresh drink of the M'zab valley served to the groom on his wedding day. This drink is prepared with dates, lemon, flower, spices (saffron, nutmeg) and aromatic herbs.
Tamarind (pellets of) drink
© afrikathome.com
Burkina Faso The recipe is the same as ginger pellets. This form allows to keep fridgeless perishable food. You just have to add water before consumption. Tamarind pellets are also available in stores (Starling brand for example).
Tao drink
© canalblog.com
Belgium The Tao brand was created on 2002 in Belgium and is now known as the best tea-based drink ...in the world ! It's a "ready to drink tea" with natural ingredients, preservatives free, colorants free, an... Read next

Wild rose (juice)
Wild rose (juice) drink
© mailce.com
Turkey kusburnu suyu - Sweet drink traditionally drunk at Gümüshane for which a festival is granted each summer. Very rich in Vitamin C (more than lemon).
Yamas drink
© yamasdrink.com
Greece Alcohol free cocktail of Greece with cane liquid sugar, white-grape juice, green-apple juice, water of orange blossom and basile leaves. Serve chilled with ice cubes.
Zoom-koom drink
© pagesperso-orange.fr
Burkina Faso In mòoré language Zoomkoom means "floury water". This drink is also known as "the welcome water". Ingredients are millet flour, sugar, tamarind decoction, lemon juice and ananas.
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