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Bachata dance
© spectable.com
Dominican Republic How to dance Bachata Latin dance that symbolizes the Dominican Republic since the 80's. Bachata is a couple dance including a serie of simple steps with lateral moves, forwards and backwards, and on the spot moves, with a sensual hip-sway.
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Biguine (street) dance
© lebleulagon.com
Antilles How to dance Biguine From the english word begin because this dance is the one opening the bal. Part of Patrimony of the Antilles, it's a festive couple dance derived from european Polka, with ... Read next

Chachacha dance
© xandrajames.com
Cuba How to dance Chachacha Latin couple dance whose name reminds the sound produced by the friction of dancers feet on the ground. It's a syncopated 4 count dance that spread coolness and joy.
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Corridinho dance
© danceanddance.com
Portugal How to dance Corridinho Traditional portugese dance of Algarve area. This couple dance is executed in a circle, women being in the middle-side and men in the external part of the circle. This dance also exists in former colonies of Portugal.
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Fandango dance
© sitesetmuseesenpaysbasque.com
Portugal Spain How to dance Fadango Spanish and portugese couple dance. Fandango is a love and seduction dance of andalusian origin. Beeing at the same time an urban and a theater dance, Fandango is characte... Read next

Forró dance
© club-international.org
Brazil How to dance Forró Brazilian couple 4 count dance with an easy step: two steps left, two steps right. The step can be layed or hopped. Feet movements are basic and uninterruptedly repeated, arm moves are rare. This is a sensual and joyfull dance. Partners stand close.
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Java dance
© temps-danse-bourges.fr
France How to dance Java Popular parisian dance of the 30's which developed against the formalism of waltz and fell into disuse during the 50's. It's a sort of fast waltz with 3 small hopped steps, wa... Read next

Jota dance
© blogspot.com
Spain How to dance Jota Spanish couple dance, with men on one side and women on the other, moving to the sound of castanets. The dance has moresque influences with a ternary rhythm 3/4 and 3/8, with ... Read next

Kizomba dance
© danceplanetdaily.com
Angola Portugal How to dance Kizomba Angolan dance of the 80's, Kizomba is a simplified version of Semba that spread on lusophone countries and then extended to the rest of Europe.
Also named African Tango, K... Read next

Kompa or Compas dance
© facedl.com
Haïti How to dance Kompa Haitian bal dance, easy and sexy, celebrated on 26th July each year. Danced in pair, partners hold each other tightly moving with hip rings. The word compass means rhythm in ... Read next

Lambada dance
© ytimg.com
Brazil How to dance Lambada Ultra sensual brazilian couple dance.
Partners tightly intertwined, undulate hips and shoulders and put one knee between the partner's legs. Its music is part of the 10 tu... Read next

Lindy-Hop dance
© co.uk
USA How to dance Lindy-Hop Lindy-Hop is a couple dance of early XXth century , which combines african rhythms and 6 or 8 count structured movements of european dances. Lindy-Hop can be danced on fa... Read next

Mambo dance
© lakesidedance.ca
Cuba How to dance Mambo Couple dance close to Salsa with an 8 count basic step (on a musical rhythm 4/4). Dancers face themselves and their steps are made in mirror . Partners are in closed position.
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Mazurka dance
© caraibean-danc.fr
Poland France Antilles How to dance Mazurka Rhythmic couple dance coming from Poland.
It's a 3 count dance that turns. As many ballroom dances, Mazurka had been retaken in folk dances, (dances from Brittany, the cent... Read next

Merengue dance
© haitian-truth.org
Dominican Republic How to dance Merengue Sexy partner dance with a simple 4 count step (1-2-3-4).
Merengue is a hip-wiggling dance. Partners stand on closed position (latin position) and can move on a circle or w... Read next

Paso doble dance
© webnode.com
France Spain How to dance Paso doble Paso doble means "double step" because it's a 2 count music - 2/4 rhythm – but figures are often performed on 8 counts.
Paso doble is the easiest ballroom dance, create... Read next

Polka dance
© delcampe.com
Czech Republic How to dance Polka Two count couple dance, lively, joyfull and swinging. Tempo is fast (often 2/4). The basic step is a pas chassé. It's an easy-learning festive dance. Couples make a circular movements.
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Quadrille dance
© co.uk
Antilles How to dance Quadrille Old dance imported from Europe, but is still danced in French Antilles (Guadeloupe and Martinique). The central character of Quadrille is named Commander. His role is to... Read next

Rueda de Casino dance
© ritmoslatinos.org
Cuba Colombia How to dance Rueda de casino Several couples dance Salsa on a circle and a leader announce a pass or a partner change. A variant is danced on Bachata, "Rueda de Bachata" created in 2003 in Boston.
Rumba dance
© sbfunguide.com
Cuba How to dance Rumba Three forms of Rumba exist.
We'll study here the slow Rumba, couple dance evoking seduction and love. In its actual form, Rumba is danced on four counts musics. It's a syncop... Read next

Salsa dance
© dailysimply.com
Cuba Colombia How to dance Salsa Latin couple dance, but can also be performed as a line dance, puerto rican Salsa, or Salsa suelta.
The cuban style or Casino is practiced with motion sa... Read next

Samba dance
© italiq-expos.com
Brazil How to dance Samba Symbol of Brazil and the Rio Carnival, Samba is the festive dance of exuberance.
December the 2nd is the national day of Samba. Two count dance (music 2/4 or 2/2 and sometim... Read next

Sega dance
© vacancesmaurice.com
Reunion Mauritius Sega is a music and a dance with african roots and touchs of Caribbean Calypso and latino Salsa. How to dance Sega ? Usually with a nice colorful long full skirt, by sliding legs on the sand. ... Read next

Tango dance
© imgartists.com
Argentina Uruguay see www.youtube.com and just for the eyes pleasure : see www.youtube.com How to dance Tango
Musics to dance Argentine tango : Santa Maria (Gotan Project), Por Una Cabeza (Scent of a Woman) (Tango Project), Shut Up (Black Eyed Peas), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Hey Sexy Lady (Shaggy), Cinema Paradiso (Tango version) (Esteban Morgado)
Valse musette dance
© free.fr
France How to dance valse musette Form of simple waltz danced tightly and needing less space, so it can be practiced in crowded popular bals, even in a bistro back room. It's a 3 count dance, in which... Read next

Zouk dance
© cdscdn.com
Antilles How to dance Zouk Launched on the 80's by Kassav group, Zouk mixts traditional antillese music with techno and disco. Zouk is danced tight with a partner on a 4/4 music.
Steps are trampled on t... Read next

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